Junior Speedway

18th April: The Australian Speedway Riders Association is putting on an event at Kurri Kurri speedway on the 4th of May for speedway bikes.

"This event is for anyone who wants to show their bike, ride it or just talk about it. If they just want to dawdle around on their own, that’s ok or if you want to engage in a spirited demonstration that’s also ok. It is purely a social ride day at a minimum cost and as it's a Motorcycling NSW ride park day no licenses are required. If anybody has any questions, they can give me a call 0412960300. Cheers Geoff Watson."

Check out the poster for more details. Click here

17th December 2023: Speedway celebrated its centenary in Australia at Maitland on the 15th of December. There were static displays of historic speedway machinery, videos playing and demonstration laps. There were also a lot of speedway enthusiasts plus riders and drivers past and present.

The following night there was a centenary speedway meeting at Kurri Kurri speedway. Speedway champions Chris Holder and Tai Woffinden captained two teams in a British speedway format teams match. The top scorers then went into a run off race for the Johnnie Hoskins Founders Trophy.

Josh Pickering won from Ryan Douglas, James Pearson and Sam Masters. For Pickering, a former CCJMCC junior, it capped a great year in speedway following his league championship riding for Sheffield.

Check out some photos from the event.

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