Junior Speedway

Nippers will also be included at junior speedway meetings. If a nipper would like to ride on the Saturday afternoon on the speedway track, please contact the speedway coordinator.

10th April: Junior speedway results for R&J Sanson Spirit Of Speedway 6th of April.

2nd April: The Ray and Joad Sanson Spirit of Speedway will be held on the 6th of April. Gates open 8.30am for scrutineering, racing at 10am.

2020 Aussie Senior Solo Speedway Championship Calendar Released. Click here for details.

5th February: Rule clarification for speedway footrests. Click here for more infomation.

18th January: Brown Dominates to Become U16 125cc Solo Speedway Champion. Click here for details.

14th January:2019 Australian Speedway Championships: Please Welcome Your New Aussie Speedway Champion, Max Fricke. Click here for details.

11th January:2019 Australian Speedway Championships: Fricke Leads Championship By Eight Points. Click here for details.

Fricke Dominates Round 3 of the Speedway Championship! Click here for details.

Holder Wins Round 2 At Mildura. Click here for details.

23rd December: In the lead up to the hotly anticipated 2019 Australian Speedway Championship, kicking off on 3rd January, Motorcycling Australia (MA) are thrilled to officially confirm that fans will have access to livestreaming for the final two rounds of the Championship! Read more===>

Heading to Ipswich Switches in Willowbank, Queensland on January 19th 2019, the Australian Under 21’s 500cc Speedway Championship will prove to fans nationally and internationally just how skilled our junior riders truly are. Read more===>

Running in conjunction with the Australian Speedway Under 21’s 500cc Championship on 19th January 2019, the Australian Speedway Under 16’s 250cc Championship is set to be a scorcher. As fans witness Australia’s future Speedway Champions at Ipswich Switches in Willowbank, Motorcycling Australia is pleased to release the official entry list. Read more===>

Held at Ipswich Switches Junior Speedway Club in Willowbank, Queensland from 17-19 January 2019, the Australian Speedway Under 16’s 125cc Solo and Teams Championship is locked in to set fans’ hearts alight as competitors blaze around the circuit! Read more===>

13th October: The 2019 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship kicks off bright and early on January 3rd 2019 at Gillman Speedway, South Australia, and the seeded and qualifying line-up is locked and loaded! Read more ===>

8th December: The club has received great feedback from the Redloh Cup and coaching day which was held on the 24/11. Thanks to the team of Michelle Lawler, Bjorn Hojberg, Holder Family and David Mills for their dedicated time in making the day great for the riders.

2nd December: Junior speedway results for Redloh Cup.

Thanks to the Holder family including Mick and son Jack for conducting a great speedawy coaching clinic before the Redloh Cup racing.

15th November:The Redloh Cup will be on the 24th November. 9am sign in and scrutineering. 10am coaching followed by lunch. Racing starts 1pm.

30th October:2019 Australian Speedway U16 Individual & Teams 125cc and U21 500cc & U16s 250cc Solo Championship Entries Now Open and Supp Regs Available.

Click here for details.

15th August:Junior speedway this Saturday the 18th of August. Nominations to Michelle Lawler 0488873873.

4th June: Junior speedway results for 2nd of June. Click here to download.

The next Junior Speedway meeting is the 2nd of June.

22nd April :There will be a speedway Junior Coaching Program School on Saturday 28/4/2018 before the Ray & Joan Sanson Spirit of Speedway meeting. Cost for this program will be $30.00 per rider.

If interested in attending this program, please contact Michelle on 0488 738 873.

The first junior speedway meeting for 2018 will be the Ray & Joan Sanson Spirit of Speedway on the 28th of April. Sign on from 8.30am and racing from 10.30am

10th February: Keynan Rew has had a weekend to remember claiming both the Under-16 125cc and 250cc titles at the Australian Junior Speedway Championship in Mildura. Read more===>

30th October: Jason Doyle, who raced junior speedway at the CCJMCC, has won the SGP world championship. Read more===>

28th October: Final junior speedway for the year is 4th of November. Sign on 9.30am.

29th August: Junior speedway results for pointscore #5 and pointscore #6 held on the 26th of August.

30th July: The next Junior speedway meeting will be the 26th of August. If we can get 14 riders it will be conducted as a teams event.

27th July: Junior speedway results for pointscore #3 and pointscore #4.

12th July: Next junior speedway meeting July 22nd. Racing starts 10am.

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