30th October: Congratulations to Billy Van Eerde winning the 2018 Asian Development Championship. The first Australian to ever win. Congratulations to the whole family.

Remy Races At The Front In Sepang After Starting Fourth. Read more===>

30th October: Remy Gardner Shows Podium Pace In Home GP. Read more===>

22nd October: Remy Ready For Home GP After Another Moto2 World Championship Point Score In Motegi. Read more===>

11th October: Terrific Twelfth In Thailand For Remy Gardner. Read more===>

6th October: Report and results from the NSW Junior Dirt Track Championships on MNSW website. Click here to view.

Remy Gardner Looks Ahead To Thailand After Tough #AragonGP. Read more===>

23rd September: Report and results from the NSW Junior Dirt Track Championships. Click here to download.

10th September: Remy Performs Misano Moto2 Magic To Finish 12th In San Marino GP. Read more===>

29th August: Torrential Downpour Prevents Remy Gardner From Making Silverstone Front Row Start. Read more===>

24th August: Three multiple winners were the standouts when the 2018 Australian Junior Dirt Track Championships were concluded at Kurri Kurri. Read more===>

Congratulations to Jacob Roulstone who got a 1st on 85/150 big wheel. 2nd 10-14 85 Mod. Crashed on the 85/150 small wheel. Up and finished but no place. Won the NSW State Road race championship.

21st August: Brook Dominates at Barleigh Ranch. Read more===>

Remy Looking To Bounce Back In Austria After Brno Race Crash. Read more===>

18th July: Twentieth To Eleventh In German GP For Gardner. Read more===>

18th June: Gutsy Gardner Back In The Moto2 Points After Heroic Ride At The #CatalanGP. Read more===>

15th June: While most of us were playing in the dirt on the Central Coast Cup weekend, club member Jacob Roulstone had a ball at Phillip Island finishing first in the juniors on the 80 and got down to 1.59 mins. The 250 was amongst all ages as well as moto 3’s, 400’s etc. He qualified 3rd. Got 6th first race and on lining up for the second race the bike stopped working, which was such a shame as this was the one to learn the most on with the big boys. Such a fast track!!!! Congrats on your successful weekend.

28th May: Results of the 2018 Honda/The Construction Team Central Coast Cup. Click here to download.

Click here for the race report.

10th May: Great weekend for CCJMCC competitors at Temora/West Wyalong. Bailey Davis and Emily his sister rode extremely well. Emily finished 8th overall from a grid of 10.

Bailey had 3 grids in the oil track masters. There were 30 riders and he finished 8th overall for the B final. 3 grids pro 450, 30 riders finished 16th overall. Pro open 2 grids 16 riders 7th overall. 4th in pro 250. 3rd in under 19s and 2nd in C grade.

Well done guys!!!!

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Reults list from Wyalong & Temora Oil Track Masters. Read more===>

27th April: Gardner Banishes Memories Of 12 Months Ago With Argentine Moto2 Top Six. Read more===>

4th April: Race report from Kings & Queens. Read more===>

At Casey Stoner Cup - Jacob Roulstone results. 2nd Mod, 2nd 85 big wheel, 3rd small wheel.

19th March: Gardner Kickstarts 2018 Moto2 Campaign With A Solid 12th Place Finish In Qatar. Read more===>

9th December: CCJMCC club results and awards for 2017. Read more===>

2nd December: Well the 45th Birthday has come and gone. Hope you guys had a great time. Though the numbers were down, the atmosphere was as if there were hundreds there. Congratulation to Lesley Walden who won the bike and thanks to those who attend.

Div 1 7-U9
Dustin Constable
Jayden Riley
Carter Robinson
Lily Harrison
Brendan Eklund
Jacob Adamson
85cc 11-u13 Std
1st - Harrison Voight
2nd - Cody Lewis
3rd - Jacob Roulstone
80cc Std 7-u11
1st – James Jacobs
2nd – Lachlan Russell
3rd – James Wood
85/150cc 13-17 BW
1st – Tristan Adamson
2nd – Nash Dorratt-Marvin
3rd – Lochlen Trappel-Macgregor
Pro 250
1st – Harry Maxwell
2nd – David Smith
3rd – Andre Papa
100-150cc 13-u16
1st – Tristan Adamson
2nd – Jordon Ussher
3rd - Dane Griffin
Over 35’s
1st – Simon Farnsworth
2nd – David Ekland
3rd – Peter Eklund
65cc 7-u9
1st – Jayden Holder
2nd – Lachlan Russell
3rd – Valentino Knezivic
Div 2
1st – Lachlan Russell
2nd – William Hunt
3rd – Asha Eddey
65cc 9-u13
1st – James Weaver
2nd – Lincoln Knight
3rd – Alexander Codey
Pro 450cc
1st – Harry Maxwell
2nd – Max Whale
3rd – David Smith
85cc Mod 7-u10
1st – Jayden Holder
2nd – Tristan Ayers
3rd – James Wood
85cc Mod 10-u14
1st – Callan Russell
2nd – James Jacobs
3rd – Alexander Codey
85/150cc 11-u13 BW
1st – Harrison Voight
2nd – Jacob Roulstone
3rd – Jack Joel
85/150cc 9-u11
1st – James Jacobs
2nd – James Wood
3rd – Tristan Ayres
Pro Open
1st – Max Whale
2nd – Harry Maxwell
3rd – David Smith
250-250cc 13-u16
1st – Tristan Adamson
2nd – Jordon Ussher
3rd – Nash Dorratt-Marvin
Green Team
Jayden Riley
Alexander Codey
Jacob Roulstone
Jordon Ussher
David Smith
White Team
Bailey Carpenter
James Jacobs
Callan Russell
Callan  Russell
Jake Farnsworth
Red Team
Carter Robinson
Emily Davis
Jayden Holder
Jack Joel
Nash Dorratt-Marvin
449 Baily Davis


31st October: Remy's Malaysian Moto2 GP Ends Early After Lap 2 Crash. Read more===>

30th October: Jason Doyle, who raced junior speedway at the CCJMCC, has won the SGP world championship. Read more===>

26th October: Remy Scores Moto2 World Championship Point In His Home GP. Read more===>

Congratulations to former members who have done well at Phillip Island, Michael Blair and Mitch Levy

21st October: 12th At Motegi For Remy Gardner After Last Lap Lunge In Japanese Moto2 GP. Read more===>

11th October: Awesome placing in 2017 Australian Junior Championships at Taree for Jacob Roulstone with a 1st on 80cc Mod, 4th on 85cc SW, 5th on 65cc and 6th on 85cc BW and also Senna Agius coming 1st in his categories. Well done Boys!!!!

29th September: Remy Gardner's latest results and news.

Results from Australain Junior Dirt Track Championships. Click to download results and report.

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