Anyone that is riding MUST BRING A VOLUNTEER TO HELP ON THE DAY. If you do not bring someone to help you do a duty on the day you may not be able to compete.

POSTPONED - 2020 Central Coast Cup and RD 1 - 2020 NSW Dirt Track & Track Championships

As much as CCJMCC would like to host the 2020 Central Coast Cup and RD 1 - 2020 NSW Junior Dirt Track & Track Championships, it would be irresponsible for the club to host this meeting and we as a club have a duty of care to consider the new restriction with the COVID-19 to the competitors and their families.

A small group of loyal people have done their best to try and make this event happen, but as much as it pains me to say this event will need to be postponed to a date to be advised.

CCJMCC would like to thank the competitors and their families for their support and all entry money will be refunded. Please stay safe and lookout for each other.

8th August: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and State Government border closures, event organisers of the 2020 Australian Junior Track Championship and Australian Classic and Post Classic Dirt Track Championships which were to be held in NSW, have been cancelled. Read more===>

8th August: Search Begins For 2021 OJC Competitors With Expressions Of Interest Now Open. Read more===>

31st July: 2020 Australian Senior Track Championship - Cancelled. Read more===>

Motorcycling NSW’s Dirt Track Sports Committee has taken the difficult decision to reconfigure the Dirt Track and Track Championship for 2020.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and the dynamic climate it was decided that a more stable calendar where NSW Championships could be completed if circumstances changed would be the better option for 2020.

The revised format for NSW Dirt Track and Track Championships is as follows.

NSW Junior Track Championship - Tamworth MCC - Oakburn Park- 15th August,
NSW Senior Track Championship - Tamworth MCC - Quirindi Show Ground - 19th / 20th September,
NSW Junior and Senior Dirt Track Championship (in conjunction with Akubra Classic)- Macleay District MCC - 31st Oct / 1st Nov.

The plan is to now run the multi round championship format in 2021.

29th July: Applications Now Open for 2021 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship & Mentoring Program. Read more===>

25th July: Motorcycling Australia (MA) is monitoring the current health crisis developments which is impacting the running of Australian National Championships across the country. Read more===>

21st July Effective immediately the NSW Minister of Sport has announced that only parents and guardians will be allowed to attand childrens sporting events due to Covid19. This means NO spectators, including extended family, will be able to attend events until further notice.

18th July Urgent Update Regarding Community Sport. Read more===>

News about The 2020 Dirt Track & Track Championship. Read more===>

17th July Junior speedway 18th of July is CANCELLED due to lack of officials.

14th July Supp regs available for Central Coast Cup / NSW Dirt Track and Track Championships series. Read more===>


Look forward to seeing you all now that the restrictions have eased with the starting of sporting activities. We must still comply with the the rules for the COVID-19 and remember the social distancing, but we can now start racing again!!!!

Members, we still have 3 position which need to be filled and need these to be done to help in the running of the club. At the moment these positions are being shared by the committee members.

Please consider doing a position as it’s not difficult and would help the club. If interested please contact David Smith or a committee member for more information. Thank you and your help is needed.

26th June: Dirt track & junior speedway practice day 28th of June. Enter via Facebook page.

Important: Pre-payment, no spectators, 1 guardian

MNSW Social Media Policy: As you are all aware the social media mediums play a huge role in our lives and our Sport. For us here are MNSW, we use our social media platforms to: Share, Educate, Interact, Promote

We do so in an information and positive manner – as per the MA Social Media Policy. This policy provides practical guidance about using social media and other forms of electronic communication and sets out a framework for acceptable online behaviour where communications involve fellow MA members, volunteers, officials, coaches, sponsors, partners, staff and anyone else connected with our sport or clubs. It also deals with breaches of this policy. This policy complements Motorcycling Australia’s (MA) Member Protection Policy and MA’s core values being to conduct, encourage, promote, advance, control and administer motorcycle sport and other motorcycling activities throughout Australia for the mutual benefit of MA, its members and affiliates and motorcycling generally. This policy applies to everyone involved with the activities of MA, its members, partners and affiliates including affiliated clubs and members thereof whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity when using social media.

We encourage all our clubs and members to engage in social media to keep connected to our sport, however we urge all to be very mindful of this policy when doing so. The policy can be found on our website here.

MA Social Media Policy Read more===>

19th June: The Joint Commission Meeting Minutes are now available online and are open for comments from State Controlling Bodies (SCB) and stakeholders. Read more===>

Your comments concerning the Rule Change Requests in discussion, must be documented on the feedback form here, which can be completed electronically or by hard copy. The completed Rule Change Request Feedback form, must be emailed to by 31st of July 2020, in order to be considered by the Rules and Technical Committee. Please note that all rule change requests and comments remain anonymous to the public. Applicant names and/or details will not be shared. Comments concerning the Joint Commission Minutes from the SCB’s and stakeholders, will be reviewed by the Rules and Technical Committee whom shall determine if the new rule or rule change will be approved or rejected, at the Rules and Technical Committee Meeting to be held in August. Rule Change Requests for the 2021 MoMS closed on the 15th of March 2020. Any Rule Change Requests submitted post the 15th of Match 2020 will be considered for the 2022 MoMS. For further information or clarification, please contact the Rules & Technical (Admin) Coordinator via the below contact details, or refer to the rule change process here.

11th June: From MNSW

In case you haven’t heard the news yet NSW Sports Minister, Geoff Lee, has recently confirmed that over 18’s community sport can recommence at the same time as the juniors from the 1st of July. The minister acknowledged the current outdoor sports restrictions, including no more than 10 people, but stated those rules will be lifted from next month as the government continue to ease NSW restrictions. At this stage we can’t provide specifics around certain COVID standards as the NSW Government are currently still meeting and working on the guidelines. Geoff Lee has also advised that along with the COVID-19 guidelines, the government are working on a checklist for sports to utilise and follow and that this would be released at the end of the week. It seems that there will still be social distancing required and to limit things such as spectator crowds however this will all be confirmed in the coming days. Some guidelines will be : Develop and comply with a COVID-19 safety management plan Operate with restricted numbers (one person per four square metres and up to 50 people in each of the existing seated food and drinks area, whichever is the lesser excluding staff members, on the premises; and Keep contact details of persons entering the premises

To see the full details and media release from the Office of Sport please click here.

With this confirmation, we will be releasing the amended calendar with MNSW and MA dates within the next week. All club open events that were already scheduled still hold their spots on the calendar unless otherwise communicated with the office that they will not be running. For now we ask for your patience and to stay tuned as when we are provided with the documents we will have them to you all ASAP.

9th June: In a series of short articles over the coming days the Motorcycling Australia Alliance will answer a number of frequently asked questions about our organisation. In this article we will outline what is included in your MA License. Read more===>

6th June: MNSW newsletter. A return to racing in NSW is fast approaching and for many, this cannot come soon enough. Read more===>

Just a reminder that MNSW sports committee nominations close 5PM June 10th next Wednesday.

31st May: For the dirt track practice day on the 14th of June Cost of riding will be $60.00 per rider.

There will be 3 session at 1.5 hours per session and riders can only ride in one of the sessions. Riders can nominate which session to a maximum of 10 riders. Riders will not be accepted if they turn up on the day without prior entry or payment.

Sessions will be a period of 1.5 hours – (times subject to change)

Session 1: Gates Open: 9.30 am, Riders Briefing & Practice: 10.00am, Practice concludes: 11.30am, Departure by: 11.45am

Session 2: Gates Open: 11.45 pm, Riders Briefing & Practice: 12.00pm, Practice concludes: 1.30pm, Departure by: 1.45pm

Session 3: Gates Open: 1.45 pm, Riders Briefing & Practice: 2.00pm, Practice concludes: 3.30pm, Departure by: 3.45pm

29th May: Motorcycling Australia (MA) have outlined the following timeline for the reactivation of licence sales and a return to competitive activity. Read more===>

MNSW announcement Read more===>

11th May: In consultation with all state controlling bodies (SCB) and the expected winding back of state government restrictions surrounding sport and mass gatherings in the coming weeks, Motorcycle Australia (MA) can confirm that recreational and non-competitive activity is set to resume on a state-by-state basis commencing this weekend May 9, 2020. Read more===>

Statement from Motorcycling NSW. Read more===>

7th May: The track is in a real mess at the moment. We can still do the social distancing and have a working bee on the 17/5/20 to have the noise wall put back up. We need to have the complex ready again for when we are allowed to start up again.

Gates open at 10.00am. Please contact a committee member so we know who will be there so that we do not breach the rules.

23rd April: Inclusivity Grants for idividuals: The Dylan Alcott Foundation is committed to helping young Australians with disabilities overcome the barriers of entry to sport and education by providing fundraising for grants, scholarships and mentoring. Find out if you are eligible and apply here .

Members, we are still in need of you to step up and help in the running of the club. We have 2 positions available which at the moment are being shared by the committee members.

Positions which need to be filled: Canteen Coordinator and Raffle Coordinator

Please consider doing a position as it’s not difficult and would help the club.

If interested please contact David Smith or a committee member for more information. Thank you and your help is needed.

We look forward to seeing you all once this ban on social gatherings has been lifted and we can all start racing again!!!!

21st April: Due to no nominations being received in the most recent advertised period, we are now extending the nomination period for MNSW Directors until the 1st May 2020. Please read the attached memo from the Board of Directors as well as the nomination form .

Please be advised that nominations for positions on our 2020 Sports Committees are now open.

Given that under the new constitution all committee positions must be appointed by the board of directors, all current committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM and reappointed by the Board based on the nominations received. Those who were current committee members are encouraged to re-nominate, as is anyone else in the sport who wishes to contribute to the growth and future direction of their discipline.

Please read the attached 2020 Sports Committee Notice as well as the nomination form .

20th April: Remy would like to invite you to his Instagram LIVE with MOTOGP on their official channel - Monday 20th April, 2020 at 1230 Spanish time. Read more===>

5th April: On Monday March 30, Motorcycling Australia released a statement that due to the rapidly changing environment and increasing government restrictions around COVID-19, as of April 1 no further events would take place and license sales would be suspended until further notice. Please read the statement from Motorcycling NSW

3rd April: The CCJMCC have decided to declare Sunday 19-4-20 National Motorsport Thank You Day. Read more===>

Press release from the MNSW board. Read more===>

Remy Garner is ripping up his back garden to pass the time. Read more===>

2nd April: Latest information from the NSW Office Of Sport. Read more===>

6th March: There are two position still needing to be filled which are a Canteen Coordinator and Raffle Person.

Please nominate for these jobs or there may be no food available at the track and no Chrissie presents for the riders at the end of the year.

28th February: New 2020 race order. Also listed on the calendar of events page. Read more===>

25th February: New pricing for 2020 rider fees. Read more===>


Thank you to the members who stepped up at the AGM and filled some of the position on the committee.

Members, we are still in need of you to step up and help in the running of the club. We have 3 position available which at the moment are being shared by the committee members.

Positions which need to be filled: Canteen Coordinator, Points Recorder, Raffle Coordinator

Please consider doing a position as it’s not difficult and would help the club. If interested please contact David Smith or a committee member for more information. Thank you and your help is needed.


The club has limited people who are officials to run meetings. If these officials can not attend then we cannot run meeting. We need, Clerk of Course, Stewards, Scrutineers and Race Secretary. Please put your hand up as we need the next generation to come through. More information regarding seminars is available on the MNSW website.

15th February: AGM and Sign On Practice Day this Sunday! We are looking forward to a great year in 2020, so start off the year with a ride with us this weekend.

We will also be holding the AGM. We have some great plans for this year, but we can’t do it alone! Being part of the committee is a great way to be involved in your club and to help shape its future. You don’t need a degree, just an hour or two a week, some fresh ideas and a genuine interest in our sport. Sunday will be a great time to nominate for any of the following positions:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Speedway Coordinator, Canteen Coordinator, Point Recorder, Track Maintenance, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Clerk of the Course, MNSW Delegates.

With the formalities out of the way we will also get in plenty of riding!

Parts of the complex need some maintenance following last weekend’s weather so if you have a mate bring them! We will need everyone to chip in and give us a hand with a few odd jobs.

8th February: MNSW has a survey about dirt track. If you are interested in the sport please take a few minutes to it. Just click here.

6th February: Jacob Roulstone's new adventure.

Jacob announced this morning on social media his plans for the year. He and I are moving to Spain to join Team Leopard Impala racing in the FIM CEV moto 3 European Talent Cup. Big decision but it’s where it all happens. Cheers. Leah Roulstone

The club would like to wish Jacob and his family and their next adventure of motorcycling racing.

5th February: MA information bulletin on updates made to Speedway Australian Championship Selection Read more===>

Information Bulletin: Dirt Track and Track Chapter Combination and Alterations to the 2020 MoMS. Read more===>

Read Chapter 15

Download MA Rule Change Request Form

29th January: There will be a WORKING BEE and KICK START on Sunday, 2nd February commencing at 9.00 am to have the complex neat and tidy for the start of the season. It would be great if members could donate part of their day for this.

We need an electrician and someone with welding and oxy equipment to do a couple of jobs.

Please bring along lawn mowers, whipper snippers and what ever tools you may think will help to clean and do maintenance for the complex.

Lunch and drinks will be provided for those who turn up.

Thank you and please spare a couple of hours to help on the day as many hands make light work.

19th January: Members, 2020 Bike Ports are now available for yearly hire. Cost for the year is $100.00 per port.

If you are interested please downolad and complete the hire form and email back with payment.

10th January: COACHING CLINIC – Sunday 9th February 2020. There will be a coaching clinic on the Sunday 9th February 2020. There are 12 places available at a cost of $90.00 per rider. Canteen will be open on the day. Please text on 0412 506 503 to reserve your place.

6th January: CCJMCC AGM to be held on the 16th February 2020

Due to the lack of nomination for the AGM in September, the AGM was meant to be held at the 2019 CCJMCC Presentation/Christmas Party Day. Due to unforeseen circumstances on the day of the AGM, the committee decided to postpone till the start of the season in 2020.

As this year’s term of service for the committee members is coming to a close, we are looking for new members to join the committee in support of Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc. The Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc., committee has ushered in so many successful initiatives, so we are excited to find the next crop of members who can continue bringing good ideas to the club!

Click here to download the nomination form and lodge it before the 9th of February 2020.We are pleased to invite you to be a part of the Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc., Committee for the year of 2020.

21st December: Australia’s future road racing stars participating in the bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup (OJC) are set to compete at both 2020 Australian rounds of the World Superbike (WorldSBK) and MotoGP Championships, at Phillip Island. Read more===>

Motorcycling Australia today released the riders selected to compete in the 2020 Australian 125cc Solo Speedway Championship at Pinjar, Western Australia. Read more===>

Australia’s 2020 Senior Solo Speedway Championship rounds, to be held at Albury-Wodonga Speedway, Victoria, and Gillman Speedway, South Australia, will be live streamed to the world. Read more===>

Dirt Track and Track Chapter Combination and Alterations to the 2020 MoMS. Read more===>

11th December: Motorcycling Australia today announced the field for the 2020 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship which kicks off in Kurri Kurri NSW in just over three-weeks. Read more===>

GCR Changes: Bulletin from MA about junior track and dirt track championship class changes. Read more===>

Motorcycling Australia Releases 2020 MoMS. Read more===>

3rd December: Club presentations and picnic. Read more===>

29th November: Nominations now open for club committee positions for 2020. Click here to download the nomination form. Click here to see the duties of club officials.

2019 AGM – 8TH DECEMBER 2019

Due to the lack of nomination for the AGM in September, it will now be held at the Presentation/Christmas Party Day.

As this year’s term of service for the committee members is coming to a close, we are looking for new members to join the committee in support of Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc.

The Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc., committee has ushered in so many successful initiatives, so we are excited to find the next crop of members who can continue bringing good ideas to the club!

Place your interest from the attached forms and lodge them on or before December 1st. We are pleased to invite you to be a part of the Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc. committee for the year of 2020.

26th November: The club has produced a colour photo book of the 2019 Honda Australian Dirt Track Championships. Cost is $60 plus postage.

You can see a proof copy of the book here.

Text David Smith on 0412 506 503 to order

14th November: CCJMCC Volunteer Crew Polo Shirts will be on sale at the club on Sunday, $30 each

13th November: Here are the final instructions for 2019 NSW Junior Track Championships. Read more===>.

12th November: Due to the lack of numbers for the NSW Junior Track Championships it will be run as a one day meeting on Sunday 17th November.

Working Bee Dates: Saturday 16th of November

Gates will open 9am each day to get the track ready for the 2019 NSW Honda Junior Track Championships. Please bring any tools and equipment you have for the day.

4th November: It’s that time of year again where we are starting to get ready for the 2019 Presentation/Christmas Party Day. We need results for any competitors who competed under the Central Coast banner at any open events. Please complete the form and send back to Click here to download the form

1st November: Sup regs for 2019 NSW Junior Track Championship. Read more===>

A poster for the 2019 NSW Junior Track Championships has been published. Click here to download.

Officials Courses: Race secretary and clerk of course seminars in December. Read more===>

24th October: We are looking for 8 to 10 junior 50cc and 65cc dirt bikes for the Newcastle Festival Of Fire. The show is at Newcastle showgrounds on November 2nd. We will need the kids there by 2:30pm for a 5:30 start. We will have a chance to walk the track and to have a practice aswell. You will get 1 rider and 1 parent in free. Anyone else coming will need to purchase tickets. If anyone is after further information they can call me, Lisa on 0413255725.

1st August:A poster has been published. Click here to download.

19th October: Details for the next two dirt track meetings, the Akubra Classic and Wide Bay Dirt Track titles. They are both on the same day but it would be good to see both supported. Read more===>

15th October: Due to the demand for the Australian Polo Shirts from the 2019 Honda Australian Dirt Track Championships, the club will be placing another order. If you would like to order a polo at a cost of $40.00 ea, please email your details below to for your order and payment details.

2019 Honda Australian Dirt Track Championships, SHIRT ORDER – $40.00 ea, NAME:, QTY:, SIZE:, TOTAL:

4th October: bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Profile: Carter Thompson. Read more===>

Top Riders on Show for Australian Senior Dirt Track Championship Showdown. Read more===>

Wollongong Motorcycle Club 2019 2 Stroke Cup is being held on on 19/20th October. Read more===>

2nd October: Here is the final information on this weekends meeting, Read more===>. Check that you are entered in the right classes and listed next to your name is your transponder number if supplied. If there is a problem please contact Lyndel Butler 0411194315 asap.

Payment of fees: if you have not paid please do so now. Also some never paid the right money as they forgot to add in the transponder hire. If you did please just bring the $20 to sign on thanks.

Set up on Friday. This will be open from 3.00pm please do not come earlier as we will be still setting up. We are still looking for officials so if you have anyone that would help out any day or both please let us know. Have a safe trip and see you at the track

Read more===>

24th September: This weekend the Nation’s best junior motorcycle riders from across the country will invade the Central Coast to battle it out in the Australian Junior Dirt Track Championship for a two-day event on the 28th and 29th September at Allen Park MVR Speedway, in Somersby, New South Wales.. Read more===>

23rd September: bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Profile: Lincoln Knight. Read more===>

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup New South Wales Wild Card Selection Event. Read more===>

Anika Loftus Performing the Australian National Anthem

Anika Loftus, an accomplished singer and Dirt Track competitor will be performing the Australian National Anthem for us at the upcoming Australian Junior Dirt Track Championship! Anika will be travelling from Queensland and will also compete in the 85cc 11 to u16 Girls, 85cc 11 to u13 and 85cc 4stk Modified 10 to u14 classes. We’re looking forward to seeing her perform on and off the track!!

19th September: The KDR best presented award is back. You could Win a $300.00 gift voucher if you are the best presented rider/team at the Australian Junior Dirt Track Titles at Central Coast JMCC.

18th September: Working bee dates: Friday 20th, Sunday 22nd, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of September to get the track ready for the Aussie titles.

Gates will open 9am. Please bring tools and equipment for the day. Please spare a couple of hours as many hands make light work.

18th September: Ten OJC riders selected for Asia Talent Cup Selection Event. Click here for details.

3rd September: The CCJMCC will be participating in the 2019 SportsFest at Edsacc Oval Batuae Bay on 21 & 22 September where will be promoting our club and what we do.

There will be a FAN PARADE again this year which will be led by the fabulous Gosford City Brass Band as usual. The fan parade is an integral part of SportsFest and is the first event on the calendar which officially kicks off the weekend festivities and activities. We need as much support as possible to make this bigger and better than ever.

The club needs 50cc riders to do a riding display on this weekend. If you are able to help please contact David on 0412 506 503 as soon as possible for more info.

Meet at the carpark entrance on Yakalla Street, Bateau Bay and line up behind the Gosford City Brass Band. Meeting time will be Saturday morning, September 21 at 9.15am and depending on numbers the march will start at 9.35am to arrive at the main tent in front of the PCYC for the official 10am opening. Please wear your club uniforms, carry banners and anything else that will draw attention to your club!

31st August: Flaggies Needed for the Championship – 28th & 29th September 2019

The Central Junior Motorcycle Club Inc. is hosting the 2019 Honda Australian Junior Dirt Track Championships on the weekend of 28th & 29th September 2019. The club is looking for flaggies for the weekend and are asking club senior and non competing members to donate some time to do flagging and watch some great racing. You will be looked after with food and drink for the day. Hopefully you would be able to help as the club is in need of flaggies to help make this a successful meeting. Please contact David on 0412 506 503 to nominate your duty.

22nd August: The club is pleased to announce two new sponsors. SafetyQuip will be supplying new hi-vis cones to be used to mark out track configurations and hazards. Banner Blokes will provide two pull up banners which will be used to identify the club at the Sportsfest display. They will also be used during podium presentations at the up coming junior championships.

20th August: The AGM of the CCJMCC will be held on the 8th of September 2019 at the conclusion of the pointscore meeting. Click here to download the nomination form.

Minibike Heroes will be running a come and try day on the 12th of October at the CCJMCC track, Allen Park. A great way for kids to ride a motorcycle in a safe, fun and educational environment. Free for all kids who do not have a bike or license. All you need to do is register at

18th August: The CCJMCC will be participating in the 2019 SportsFest were will be promoting our club and what we do. It will be held on the 21st & 22nd of September 2019 at EDSACC, The Entrance Road, Bateau Bay NSW 2261. The club will be with a diverse range of organisations that have expressed their interest to participate in this event which attracts over 7000 people who visit the coast for the SportsFest weekend. It will be an exciting weekend for sport and recreation – and a great opportunity to network our club and engage with the local community and encourage a more active life style, all whilst having a great time! Don’t forget, this is a great way for the CCJMCC to publicise our Australian Championships in September.

All help is welcomed to promote our club over the weekend of SportsFest and if you are able to contribute to this great weekend, please contact Club Secretary Emma to see what is involved.

A bit of work on the speedway track today. Thanks Dave Smith Jnr, Dean Russell and Adam Constable for their help, couldn’t have done it without them. We managed to clear the drains and drain the duck pond. Set the referee’s box on some solid foundations, align the tyre wall and remove unwanted tyres plus mark out proposed track realignment.

16th August: COACHING CLINIC – SATURDAY 31/8/2019 There will be a coaching clinic on the 31/08/2019. There are 12 places available at a cost of $90.00 per rider. Please text David on 0412 506 503 to reserve your place.

FIM and Motorcycling Australia announce details of the inaugural FIM Speedway Training Camp Down Under. Click here for details.

12th August: The club would like to welcome Ben Felten and his team to the Australian Championship and we are all looking forward to watching Ben and his team doing a display on the Sunday morning of the Australian Championships.

For more information got to

Click to download Final Instructions for the 2019 Australian Senior Track Championships.

The Maryborough Motorcycle Club is holding the Australian Post Classic Titles in September. Click here for details.

5th August:The North West Victorian Motorcycle Club will conduct the Mildura Solar 2019 Australian Senior Track Championships on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August 2019 at Jambaroo Park 20th St, Koorlong Vic. Click here to put your entry in online.

1st August:A poster for the 2019 Australian Junior Dirt Track Championships has been published. Click here to download.

24th July: The next three months are going to be very important to the club with both Australian and State Championships approaching. We need members to step up and nominate themselves to do Track prep and the Canteen. The positions can be shared and not necessarily just a single person. Please contact David or any other committee member to discuss the positions.

29th June: Cessnock Club is pleased to announce that the sup regs are approved and entries for the 2019 Postie Bike GP are now open. You can enter on line here. Please make sure you read the sup regs before entering and also the new rules on the Dyno of all bikes so you fully understand them.

24th June: Entries have now opened for the 2019 Australian Senior Dirt Track Championships, hosted by the Hunter Motorcycle Club at Barleigh Ranch Raceway in Eagleton, NSW from 5-6 October. Read more===>

Be part of the Next Generation of Champions: Applications for the 2020 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup open soon! Read more===>

15th June: The entries for the 2019 Australian Senior Track Championships are now open. The Championship is being held by the North West Victorian Motorcycle Club on the 24th and 25th September at Jambaroo Park ( Mildura Vic) . Click here to enter. Supp regs can be found here.

5th June: 2019 Australian Senior Track Championship Supplementary Regulations Released and Entries Now Open. Read more===>

Thanks to our sponsors: