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Last update:19 February 2017

2017 Troy Bayliss Classic results.Read more===>

Thank you to all who turned up to the working bee in the heat. Your efforts are appreciated in helping keeping the complex tidy.

Just a friendly reminder that the Bike Port payments are due. Please pay by or on the 19th February. Thank you.

2018 speedway championsip news.Read more===>

News about ride price changes, sign on practice day and MA drug & alcohol testing policy.Read more===>

If you would like to order a CCJMCC bib please text David on 0412 506 503 with name, size and number.

MA news release about helmet cameras.Read more===>

Bikes for sale. Read more ===>

Changes to calendar of events for 2017. Read more ===>

The Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club would like to welcome aboard Honda and Tumut Motorcycle Accessories as being the naming sponsors for the 2017 Honda/Tumut Motorcycle Accessories Central Coast Cup. The CCJMCC would also like to thank Honda and Tumut for their continued support of the Central Coast Cup.

Members are reminded to bring a volunteer to do a duty for the day on race days. If you do not have a volunteer, or the volunteer refuses to help, this will result in the rider not participating on the day.

Thanks to our sponsors: